Air conditioning by HEAT was scoring in Rio Olympic Games

It was also thanks to air conditioners rented from HEAT that people in the Czech Republic could watch broadcasts from Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016.

August may be a winter month in South America, but despite that Brazil's average daytime temperatures do not differ much from summer. While all we could do for our champions in beaches and sun-baked playgrounds was to keep our fingers crossed, we managed to be a much more efficient support for the Czech reporters. Thermobile outdoor mobile AC units ensured comfortable and easy work environment for all the Czech TV sportscasters and technicians.

The unit we took to Rio was our sturdy mobile AC Coolmobile CR 17, which is reliable in all heating, cooling and ventilation. The unit manages to cool the air by 15 °C as opposed to the temperature on the inlet and customers may also choose a variety offering cooling starting at 10 °C. The operation in Rio only confirmed the outstanding properties of this AC unit – easy to transport, simple to operate, high efficiency and variable usage.

The operation in Rio was a true extreme conditions testing for our Thermobile Coolmobile CR 17 unit. You can now depend on it fully that it will not let you down, be it a planned company event, unexpected need caused a breakdown of your existing equipment or an increased temperature in a workplace etc.